South Auckland trio Smashproof, consisting of members Tyree, Young Sid and Deach, burst on the scene in 2005 with the explosive Juse produced "Ride Til I Die" which quickly infected clubs across New Zealand and Australia.

Recognised and heralded by the Aotearoa Hiphop scene as a force to be reckoned with courtesy of a slew of mix tape releases and guest features, the trio strategically chose to show-case individual members talents first, resulting in critically acclaimed full-length releases from lead members Tyree ("Now Or Never") who won Best Male Artist at the Australasian Urban Music Awards in 2007 in Sydney, and Young Sid ("The Truth") whose album was Nominated for 'Best Urban Release' at 2008's NZ Music Awards, and earned him the prestigious Waiata Maori award for 'Best Urban Album') before beginning work with Deach on their collective debut titled "The Weekend.

"The Weekend", another notch in the belt of local label MTC boasts an undeniable growth for SmashProof.

The conceptual nature of "The Weekend" is almost cinematic, and the trio weave in and out of complex topics, personal experiences and would-be scenarios with ease enabling the listener to relate to the personal nature of the album in part, and in its entirety.

"I think this is an album for everyone it shows the social side and the emotional side of what could or does go on during ones weekend" Young Sid explains of the albums concept, "from the time you clock out of your job on Friday to the time you start work on Monday."

Being seasoned veterans of both the tour circuit in NZ and Australia, as well as the studio environment, the trio offer a confidence and swagger unparalleled within the group environment locally. "The Weekend", which is scheduled for a March 2009 release, high-lights the chemistry between all three members and serves as a silencer for all nay-sayers and critics of Smashproof as evident from the single "Brother" featuring NZ songstress and winner of 2004's International Songwriter competition - Gin Wigmore.

"The title of the song [Brother] is a metaphor for South Auckland and all the bullsh*t that's been happening in the area" Young Sid reveals "[and] Our approach to a song like this is to open up the minds of those that live in a society that bares below average socio economic standards and to tell them that crime and violence is not your only option."

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