Recommended Dosage is the name, 'Durty Bounce' is the movement. Cyclone, Hook-Banger and Prestige, collectively known as Recommended Dosage have been hard at work over the last few years crafting a new style of Hiphop music, unique to New Zealand, a style they refer to as 'Durty Bounce'. The local answer to Atlanta's 'Crunk', or Oakland's 'Hyphy'. Styles that birthed movements in their respective areas, causing a world-wide phenomena.

With live performances and supporting great artists such as: The Ying Yang Twins, Tommy and the Krumping Clowns, Smashproof and recently supporting Young Sid on his "Domestic Disturbance" mix tape tour throughout New Zealand, Recommended Dosage planted seeds around the entire nation, with a new sound and a new style.

Now, with their new single "Waist Poppers" they aim to bring their sound to the air waves, and soon, the screens of the nation. "Waist Poppers" boasts an energetic booming beat with a rugged motivational hook that infects listeners forcing them to move to this unique and distinct style of Hiphop.

"Waist Poppers" is an introduction to a forth-coming, as yet untitled album due out late 2010 which will undoubtedly fuel the Durty Bounce movement nationwide, spawning legions of followers and fans alike.

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