Pieter T's 'Life, Love & Lessons' is not just a beautifully crafted album, but a journey of the senses filled with universal truths.

Produced by Pieter T himself, each track has been carefully styled using solid R&B beats, melodic harmonies and soulful vibes. His pitch-perfect vocals take the listener on a journey which follows the path of a relationship.

Each song is a step on that journey; situations that love can face from old flames to hasty actions, to good times, actions and consequences - hence the title 'Life, Love & Lessons'

Continuing his rise since his debut single 'Cold Nights' and the Summer classic 'Business' to the chart topping 'Can't Stop Loving You' and 'Something Else' which peaked at #6 on NZ Radio Charts, 'Life, Love & Lessons' encapsulates his progression and totality as an artist. 

The album features collaborations with some of New Zealand's most decorated talents - Chong-Nee, PNC, Aaradhna, Dei Hamo, Vince Harder, The Truth and Rach Fraser. Not only has Pieter T written his own lyrics, but he also produced every track musically and vocally to provide you, the listener, with a stunning album for you to enjoy.

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